About Us

Getittome is a 21st Century quintessential lifestyle enhancing commerce, logistic, travel and tours company. Like a delivery bridge, it was created to aide Africans 'shopping appetite' for both domestic and foreign products. We are also an online portal, a shopper's door path to brands and products, a conveyor of goods, and, a provider of mailing/shipping address to shoppers. We embarked on the journey to build a company that has a very simple mission: enhance your lifestyle.

Engine Room of All Business - Product Sourcing

When it comes to starting a business the first major challenge faced by entrepreneur is sourcing supply source itself. Our travel section is aimed at aiding movement so we can help get you to the source and we do this starting with brighting your chances at getting approval to move and explore from one country to another and for those who would still not be able to start with Travel we have decided to bring the source of product to you in the comfort of your space. With Getittome, all you need is a click and all that needs to be sourced will be at your door and you can start up like a world class entity.

Our Commitment to Africa Startups

We are here with a vision for Africa startups for those with little knowledge on how to take the first step to bringing their dream to life or those with big, bold business ideas. We are here to support and see small start up grow into world class organisation by providing essential support to the evolving African startup landscape.

Our vision for Africa

We’re a company that finds meaning through making the impossible possible, and making things the best we possibly can. And it’s not just quality service and products that define us. It’s the quality our stories, quality experiences, quality relationships with customers and quality ways of working to fulfill our mission as a team. No one ever said this will be easy. But would build this into the next big thing to come out of Arica.
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